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Wine soaked skies, red dawn on the horizon We say farewell to tomorrow’s friends The vines reach over their gravestones They shake hands with those who weep Silently they march, silently they fall They are silhouettes against the soil Our steady lips, they speak of sorrow Empty melodies they float away Chorus: We wake, we sing, we speak of memories Of towns and souls, of lives just swept away Every whisper, every voice Will drown beneath our song They move forth, wounded trumpet call Their eyes look forward, hands on their hips They beckon all others towards them They drink but give no lip (Chorus) Red fires of their heart, they burn They burn from the ground up They topple, they topple and rest in the soil And become dark to the eye Faceless cannon through the gut Entrenched in bodies of water And light gleams from its surface And rests on the back of our eye (Chorus) By the daybreak rain has washed them gone The silhouettes against the soil Drowsy children play in the rain Seldom looking down
Once on the streets of London Played a piper named Simon Brown So poor he played for a penny From the passersby in the town But amongst the crowds of people One angel did stand out Her name was Amy Davis And his judgement she did clout With hair as dark as a raven’s With a voice so velvety sweet The guard of his heart once steadfast Laid down his sword in defeat He said take from me my passion And give to me your woe For I know to such a goddess All my virtue I do owe She said “Yes I will dear piper boy But lie to you I will not I am surely bound to another A man without righteous thought His name is John Davis And he is a wretched soul To destroy all those who wrong him May be his only goal” Now John may have been the devil But a fool he was not He smelled love’s sweet stench on Amy And with anger he was fraught So John tracked down the piper Before he could ever hide Simon begged John to show mercy But his rage would not subside For John Davis was an ogre So he knocked Simon to the ground He then drew his pistol And he put it in Simon’s mouth He said “play me a tune dear piper boy Let your fingers fly my son For as quick as they be on that pipe Mine be quicker on my gun.”
Fox 03:18
The moment he saw her He knew that he could not break free For just as he ran so far away She could run and run just the same As the storm blows Does the fox know That the wind and the rain Are the least of his woes Just as the bird sings And the bell rings Such is the way of the world With his mind held captive But his body roaming free He held onto his last memory But alas could not recall a thing As the storm blows Does the fox know That the wind and the rain Are the least of his woes Just as the leaves fall And the bugs crawl Such is the way of the world Water cascades down her cheek And drags salt from her bone With a shiver A bark The sword struck through the stone But as the blade bore Against the rock Shards of steel splintered And broken every which way Fallen from grace And resting on lies She held his trust so dear Lust from a monarch And love from an angel He held her faith As far as he could reach He turned his head away To see where guilt did lay As the storm blows Does the fox know That the wind and the rain Are the least of his woes Just as the babe cries And the fox dies Such is the way of the world
As sail set to the wind And bow cut through the water Peter sang a glorious tune The sun shone on his back As he gazed out on the horizon At the stars, the sea, the moon Chorus: Take my heart or take my life My body lie cold and dry If love I find when I’m out here at sea Then out here I will surely die He met a beast so fierce With fangs of light and thunder With talons of wind and rain She tore right through the hull And laid waste to the mainsail The beast could not be slain So Peter grabbed an oar And hopped into the lifeboat To save his brave young soul He paddled for three long days When his ear drawn by a whisper To a small barren atoll (Chorus) Peter stumbled from his craft And collapsed upon the shore When a whisper drew his gaze With cascades of ink down her neck Her beauty was undeniable A woman amongst the waves She said please won’t you my dear You look so weak and feeble Won’t you stay and lie with me So that night as Peter slept The stalking beast took his boat And bore it in her teeth As she dragged it out to sea With splinters in her teeth She returned to Peter’s side She wrapped him in her arms And held him tight as his heart did slow The beast of the waves Had claimed him for her own (Chorus)
Hush 04:14
Please don’t carry my heart under sleeve Don’t drag it through the mud and the leave My body lie restless, my mind finds no reprieve From the thoughts your voice will leave Dress me not for oceans but for waves Drape me with a warm coat if I freeze It’s cold and they seem to all stay far away But I will not feel the same But if I take them For all they’re worth Break my heart in a moment Or break my heart in a day Grasp my chest in your palm It stands so frail, brittle, and weak Remind me of where we have been Embrace me and say not what we have read My body grows weary inside my head Don’t forget what I’ve said
For a lost sunken cause My innocence died So shriveled and gray From the truth that I’ve lied Fairy tales tell a story Of a noble man But the truth buries deep By his own hand Chorus: Listen close my dearest friend My body weeps for you And drops to the ground Bury my thoughts Below the deep dark ocean Be with me till the end A severed lung Leaves me grasping for air And clutching my chest As others watch All they can do is stare For my flaws do bear witness To my liquid chastity Drive a stake through their hearts And watch them bleed (Chorus) Sail ahead of me I’ll be just behind You can be my rudder And I can be your oar Your compass is stronger than mine My will is stronger than yours Why do the treasures that I’ve lost Weigh greater when gone Why do they break my back And make me stumble They make me fall A fortune teller could not Try to read my fate Not knowing how but for fear Of knowing where it lay (Chorus) Careful my lover sweet The waves they lap They kiss my feet The buildings fall And the children cry But if I ever don’t Please let me die
Along the verdant bank Approached a milk-white steed On whom rode a maiden garbed in silk She said “come, come with me Leave your harp beneath this tree” And they started down the road of prophecy Her beauty enchanted him The scent of maytree flower And his love grew stronger by the hour So fair were her lips When she asked him for a kiss I daresay no mortal man could resist Chorus: And for many days and many moons They rode beneath the earth As her skin turned gray and her clothes decayed He found beauty’s worth A long branch reached down Inside the garden green Bearing fruit ‘twas ripe and good to see But if your lips graze its skin Surely you will meet your end Just have this wine and quell your thirst instead As he rested his head Upon her shining emerald gown He saw the path that they were to go down It was there for seven years He remained among their kind And returned with tongue that could not ever lie (Chorus) Along the verdant bank where once a hawthorne stood Is a stone inscribed with tale’s archive For the prophet like the tree Could not see his destiny And no ale poured on soil could revive (Chorus x2)
Mary, Mary, raven locks in the wind Her lips were rosy red No apron she wore around her waist No bonnet top her head She was wild, she was free Not another lass did compare But her heart belonged to a sweet young lad To a lad from the County Clare Gavin, Gavin, broad chest and strong arm He stood tall, six foot three He said, “Please my sweet Mary Won’t you spare me a kiss? So joyful I will be.” She said, “Fellow, dear fellow Kissin’ lips I can not spare For mine were stolen long ago By a lad from the County Clare.” Allen, Allen, with the warm melody Voice sweet as honeydew He said, “Please my sweet Mary Won’t you give me a dance? Slip on your dancin’ shoe.” She said, “Fellow, dear fellow, Dancin’ shoes I cannot spare For mine were stolen long ago By a lad from the County Clare.” Donald, Donald, pockets lined with pure gold Richest in Kirkcaldy He said, “Please my sweet Mary Won’t you give me your hand And share your life with me?” She said, “Fellow, dear fellow, My hand I cannot spare For mine was stolen long ago By a lad from the County Clare.” Mary, Mary, raven locks in the wind Tread down the River Spey There rest the spirit of her sweet young lad That’s where his body lay She said, “Fellow, dear fellow Love weighs more than I can bear.” And she wept and she wept Knelt before his grave in prayer For her heart was buried long ago With the lad from the County Clare
Timepiece 04:26
Hands made of the finest silver Caress her porcelain face As she weeps they glide across her cheek And wipe the tears away Hallelujah Hallelujah Chorus: Pass me by like seconds Pass me by like days Watch the falling sands Few things are as certain As the gentle sweep Of her silver hands Call me a coward, oh, call me a weak man Call me a beta at best I still hear That relentless bell That rings inside my chest Hallelu (Chorus) Grow weary under the weight of woe So will they merely bend Or may they even slow If all went still And all shut its eye Would she also slumber Or would she pass by So when the weight Became too much to bear Her arms snapped like silver twigs And her face lay down in prayer Hallelujah Hallelujah Break my back and I cannot stand Break my legs and I fall Break my ribs and I cannot breathe But break my heart and She will raise Her hands in praise And wipe the tears away (Chorus)
Home 05:48
Shadows grow Reclaim their home But I still wake Others sleep Through the chilling breeze Let them rest shallow When I grow drowsy Strike fear into my heart And move my feet For even as the shadows Envelope me They take my home


released November 17, 2017

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Overneath Creative Collective, Kalamazoo, MI
Recording Engineers: Gordon van Gent and Garrett Gagnon
Assistant Engineer: Alex Tobin
Mixed by Gordon van Gent
Mastered by Garrett Gagnon
Steinway Piano in association with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra


all rights reserved



The Founding Kalamazoo, Michigan

The Founding is a Progressive Celtic band from Kalamazoo, Michigan. With their unique, energetic, and powerful approach to songwriting, they strive to constantly push the boundaries of the Irish and Scottish music traditions. Over the past two years The Founding has become one of the premier acts in their genre in Michigan and promises to be one of the best of it's kind. ... more

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